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Our strategy is to offer an integrative approach that delivers value along the entire production cycle, with a holistic vision and continued commitment to operational excellence.

Frederic Quero-SUEZ Chemical & Pharma Global Market Director

Your challenges

Manage resources while staying competitive and reducing environmental impact

The global chemical and pharmaceutical industry is innovative and complex, with specific environmental challenges faced in each of its segments. For decades, the industry has sought to reduce its environmental footprint as a major consumer of water, raw materials and energy. At the same time, resource scarcity drives price instability.

The sector looks to better natural resource management strategies to preserve competitiveness and the environment, limit pollution and comply with ever more stringent regulatory standards.
The anticipated date for the depletion of tin resources
The amount by which water requirements will exceed available resources in 2030



The percentage reduction in GHG (greenhouse gas) required by 2050 to limit the 2°C rise in temperature in 2100
Our solutions

Supporting every stage of the resource management cycle

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Towards a carbon neutral and positive energy plant

SUEZ leads the industry in solutions for alternative energy production and supply, enabling businesses to optimise their carbon footprint and engage stakeholders. We help you reduce fossil fuel consumption, harness green energy from waste and wastewater and reach new heights in energy efficiency.
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Towards water neutral sites

We deliver solutions to reduce your water consumption and costs, secure water quality and continuity of supply, enhance the management and performance of water assets and ensure only the safest water discharge into in the environment.
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new manufacturing of recycled resources

Waste as a territorial stream and resource

Harnessing waste as a territorial resource, we create new resources from waste, maximise recovery, engage ecosystemic closed-loop solutions and mitigate risks, offering the best in environmental footprint optimisation.
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Involve your stakeholders

We help you prove your sustainability engagement to stakeholders, leveraging their legal, environmental, financial, technical and social concerns to build connection and support. We unlock the intelligence in your data to assess your carbon footprint and deliver clear and transparent environmental and social reporting.
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