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As the world becomes increasingly urbanised and populated, smart and sustainable resource management is an ever-growing challenge for local authorities. SUEZ is a trusted partner for councils and local authorities across Australia and around the world, working alongside them to provide access to water and treatment services and sustainable waste management models.

Harnessing the exponential value of waste 

Effective waste management is crucial in meeting the social, economic and environmental needs of communities and localities. SUEZ provides local authorities with customised solutions to meet evolving requirements of more than 4 million residents each week. We drive the development of new technologies and processes to recover more from waste and create valuable new resources.

Water and wastewater management for municipalities

Serving communities while protecting precious natural water resources

SUEZ leads the field in delivering smart and reliable water and wastewater management solutions, from drinking water production and seawater desalination to wastewater purification, biosolids management, smart water networks and recycling and reuse. We work with local authorities to provide safe drinking water and treatment services to seven million Australians and 200,000 New Zealanders.

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