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Get Sorted™ app

It’s not always easy to know what goes in which bin and what recycling options are available in your local area. Our free GetSorted™ app puts quick and easy waste and recycling information in the palm of your hands, so that together we can make the best use of your waste.

Know your waste

Get Sorted™ helps you keep your environmental footprint light

Doing the right thing by the planet is easy when you have access to the right information on recycling and waste management in your area.

Ever wondered if milk cartons can be recycled, or what kind of green waste goes in your green bin? Do you know how or where to recycle plastic bottles or bags, or what to do with your food waste?

Waste and recycling services can vary between local government areas across Australia, and conflicting information can make the process of sorting your waste confusing.

At SUEZ, we believe in making it simple for everyone to send less waste to landfill and give your used products a second life. Our free Get Sorted™, downloadable now for iPhone and Android, has fast answers to all your waste and recycling questions, all tailored to what’s available where you live and work.
Using the app

Changing your waste habits with GetSorted™

With the help of our app, you can make a real contribution to the environment through ensuring your garden waste and recyclables like plastic, paper, cardboard, glass and aluminium are put to good use.

Get Sorted™ gives you up-to-date waste and recycling services at the touch of a button, including:

  • Individualised bin pickup day reminders so you never miss a collection
  • Detailed information on what can and can’t be placed in each bin
  • A full list of waste items with simple recycling instructions
  • directions and information for your nearest waste and recycling centres for the disposal of domestic or special waste,
  • Easy access to Council phone and online support for quick answers to any other questions you may have.
Download GetSorted™ 

Get the GetSorted™ app today

Help yourself and the planet today. Download the free app now on AppStore and Google Play

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