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Our actions respond to the vital issues of demographic growth, urbanisation, climate change and scarcity of natural resources. We must urgently rethink how we manage resources and move together towards a circular economy.

Jean-Louis Chaussade-Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ

Our mission

Securing resources for our future

Natural resources are deteriorating and becoming depleted by rising demand. At SUEZ, we’re designing and implementing new solutions to tackle the four major challenges of the resource revolution and secure our collective futures: developing access to resources, protecting them, optimising their use and producing new ones.

Innovative management of resources for improved economic and environmental performance

Smart and efficient management of resources towards sustainable development

Our achievements for local communities

Supporting our local communities to shape a better future for all

SUEZ invests in a wide range of community partnerships and sponsorships that enhance environmental outcomes and promote social inclusion, helping communities achieve their goals.

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