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Our 2017-2021 road map

Our 2017-2021 road map is the result of extensive internal and external consultation, targeting more than 5,000 people and using different types of tools. This material analysis enabled us to prioritise the various issues and challenges and to consult panels of employees, individual shareholders and external stakeholders. Building on previous road map processes, this robust dialogue uncovered emerging issues to include in the new road map.

A steering tool

Four priorities and 17 commitments for global performance

The new road map covers all related SUEZ Group activities worldwide. Adopted by the management committee in December 2016 and the ethics and sustainable development committee in February 2017, it will support the resource revolution and fulfil two other key functions:

  • To drive and manage transformation through 17 time-specific, quantified commitments with action plans to fulfil them by 2021,
  • To help achieve the sustainable development goals defined by the UN in 2015.

As with the 2012-2016 road map, these new commitments will be accompanied by indicators of results and progress, verified by an independent third party and published annually in the company’s integrated report. They will also provide the opportunity for annual dialogue with a panel of internal and external stakeholders who will challenge and, if necessary, adjust how the action plans are implemented.
Priority 1

Being a collaborative, open and responsible company

Priority 2

Becoming the leader of the circular and low-carbon economy

Priority 3

Support the environmental transition of our clients with concrete solutions

Priority 4

Contribute to the Common Good

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