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Preserving biodiversity

Pollution from human activities and evolving ecosystems are contributing to a global reduction in biodiversity. At SUEZ, we have a comprehensive biodiversity preservation strategy in place.

Our commitments

Biodiversity: a major strategic issue

SUEZ is taking action to protect biodiversity, both through supporting our customers and within our own organisation.

In France, our commitment centres around three objectives in line with the National strategy for Biodiversity.

Our actions

Integrating biodiversity into the management of our facilities

Since 2010, we’ve worked with the French NGO France Nature Environnement to develop joint initiatives in water resource protection and biodiversity conservation at our sites. Also in France, we have formed partnerships with Guadeloupe National Park, the League for the Protection of Birds and the National Museum of Natural History to promote biodiversity at SUEZ-managed waste treatment plants.

Financing projects to promote biodiversity

In 1997, SUEZ created a fund to support environmental and social initiatives of communities in the vicinity of the Group’s sites in the United Kingdom. Since 2005, this fund has conducted a program dedicated entirely to financing projects to advance biodiversity, thus far supporting 3,750 environmental and community projects totalling more than €140 million in value.

Taking action to support biodiversity

SUEZ has developed a Biodiversity and Wildlife Policy in partnership with the state of New York, leading to the implementation of 86 action plans aimed at protecting and restoring biodiversity in and around our water treatment sites in the region.

Better understanding and integration of biodiversity issues

SUEZ has partnered with the Natural Heritage Department (NHD) of the National Museum of Natural History (MNHN) in Paris since 2008. Together, we’re working to understand challenges in biodiversity conservation and better incorporate them into our facilities management practices. The MNHN, which is a research organisation, centre of expertise and data manager, mobilises numerous national experts.
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