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Our strategy

We intend to play a leading role in the worldwide resource revolution. We’re transforming our business by focusing on the circular economy and digital technology, and becoming the premier partner for cities and industry in the design and implementation of solutions that optimise the management of their resources.


Moving towards the circular economy

The linear model of extraction, production and consumption has come to an end. As a major player in the recycling and recovery of waste and a leader in the reuse of treated wastewater, we’re working to innovate and accelerate the development of our recovery activities.

  • Material recovery: SUEZ already returns almost 4 million tonnes of secondary raw materials – paper, cardboard, glass, metal, plastic and wood – to the economy. We aim to strengthen this position through exceptional operational and innovation standards, enhancing the performance and sophistication of our recovery techniques and flows to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We’re committed to doubling plastics recycling by 2020, and to strengthening our position in the dismantling and recovery of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and for end-of-life aircraft and vehicles.
  • Energy from Waste: SUEZ aims to become a key player in clean energy through alternative approaches to waste recovery, including incineration, and the production of new types of fuel from recovered solid waste.
  • Treated wastewater recovery: consolidating our leadership in the reuse of treated wastewater for a multitude of purposes, such as industry, agriculture and artificial aquifer recharge, will allow us to anticipate possible conflicts between different water resource uses. We will pursue the potential of other avenues for innovation, such as the recovery of heat from wastewater and the production of energy from sewage sludge.

The rise of smart solutions

Digital technology is already at the heart of SUEZ’s operations. New information and communication technologies have a direct impact on the efficiency of infrastructure supervision, maintenance and flow control. We have dedicated more than €350 million to the development and application of smart water and waste management technologies, with clear prospects for growth in our global markets. As we accelerate the rate of development and deployment, our innovative line of advanced solutions will shape the face of the cities of tomorrow, building resilience and efficiencies through integrated flow management.

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Developing integrated solutions for industry

SUEZ intends to become the environmental benchmark for our industrial customers. Our sustainable development and corporate social responsibility policies are ambitious, and embrace the climate commitments outlined by the COP21 agreement. We’re determined to transition to a circular economy, creating a community of values and goals where SUEZ is the natural partner to respond to a multitude of needs: management of raw materials and energy procurement, reduction of water consumption, environmental standards, complex processes, operational performance, reputation and operating permissions. With a €5.5 billion turnover and iconic customers such as Sanofi, Safran, Solvay and Total, we are already a key player in this market; our ambition is to grow our business though developing bespoke offerings for targeted sectors such as construction, retail, agrifoods, paper, pharmaceuticals and energy. 

Environmental transition on a global scale

Strengthened by the transformation of our businesses and a commitment to innovation, SUEZ brings smart and sustainable resource management solutions to market. We have the capability to support global environmental transition and respond to demand for a growth model that consumes fewer resources. With our international division realigned into five geographical business units and four business lines, we’re aiming for continued growth and consolidation and broadening of our long-established operations in countries such as the United States, Australia, China, Morocco and Chile. We seek to strengthen our position in high growth potential countries and regions such as India, the Middle East and Mexico, and to selectively pursue development in new zones including sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia through major projects and long-term facilities. SUEZ is aiming for sustained international growth of between 6 and 8 per cent, allowing us to reconcile development and performance.
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