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SUEZ Ventures

We contribute to the development of innovative enterprises that present commercial synergies with our offers.

Eric Landais-Managing Director of SUEZ Ventures


We support the development of young innovative companies

In 2010, we launched SUEZ Ventures as an investment fund. Today, it is a leading player in corporate venture funding in the water management, recycling and waste recovery sectors. SUEZ Ventures supports the dynamic management teams of companies during their industrial vetting or commercial deployment phases. Its mission is to expand the SUEZ Group’s range of Open Innovation tools available to business units worldwide through easy access to innovative solutions in their field. Investment decisions are always conditional on the identification of operational and commercial synergies with SUEZ’s business activities and offers. SUEZ Ventures is committed to establishing business partnerships that create value – both for the companies in the portfolio and for the Group’s operational entities.
Investment strategy

We invest financially and have become a strategic partner

Operational and commercial synergies
Minority shareholdings
From €0.5 to €2 million
Open to co-investment
A seat on the board of directors
Since its creation, SUEZ Ventures has identified more than 1,200 innovative start-ups.

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