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Our research and expertise centres

Loïc Voisin-Group Director-Innovation-Marketing-Industrial Performance-SUEZ

With its worldwide network of research and expertise centres, SUEZ offers advanced technical and scientific know-how in water and waste that is capable of solving the new challenges facing our customers.

Loïc Voisin-Senior VP Group Innovation, Marketing and Business Performance

An international network

Six centres of excellence leading the shift to innovative resource management

SUEZ draws on an international network of research and expertise centres, offering ready access to resources and to high-performance and innovative services.

Our centres are located in Barcelona, Bordeaux, New York, Paris, Shanghai and Singapore.

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Our areas of expertise

Preserving and reusing resources

Our pool of almost 400 researchers and experts are addressing multiple and complex issues in resource management, developing and testing new solutions and technologies for our operational entities and customers.

In Europe

CIRSEE – Paris (France)

The Paris-based International Water and Environmental Research Centre (CIRSEE) specialises in the production of drinking water, water distribution networks, the treatment and reuse of waste water, waste recycling, the management of health and environmental risks and data analysis. 
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Le LyRE- Bordeaux (France)

SUEZ’s Bordeaux-based Le LyRE research centre drives innovation in the quantitative and qualitative management of water to mitigate the impact of large cities on their environment.

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CETaqua – Barcelona (Spain)

The CETaqua Technological Water Center in Barcelona promotes and develops collaborative research projects on complete water cycle management, bringing together national scientific partners including the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). CETaqua has unique expertise and skills in the adaptation of infrastructures to climate change and the economic aspects of water.
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In America

SUEZ WERCs – New York (United States)

SUEZ WERCs, our knowledge centre based in New York City (USA), is focused on testing water treatment for both municipal and industrial clients.
In Asia

SWRc – Shanghai (China)

The SWRc (Shanghai Water Research Centre), a SUEZ centre of excellence based in the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP), is dedicated to the research and development of innovative solutions to treat wastewater produced by the petrochemical industry.

Singapore Research Centre – Singapore

The SUEZ Singapore Research Centre specialises in the implementation of innovative solutions for the management of urban water, such as automated meter-reading and storm water management, and the wastewater reuse.
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