Commissioning engineer

Graduate accessible

Graduate accessible
The role of a Commissioning engineer at SUEZ consists of performing various start-up assignments in water treatment plants (export or Europe), by exercising a direct or coordination role, depending on the size of the plant.
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Main activities

  • Prepares test sheets and other documents required for start-up (operational instructions, test reports, etc.)
  • Performs final checks of the correct execution of civil engineering works and assembly of equipment
  • Performs the electromechanical and automatic control system tests
  • Monitors flooding and start-up of plants
  • Verifies functional and process settings
  • Provides training for the operator
  • Compiles definitive instructions for operations and start-up
  • Issues intermediate and end of mission reports
  • Actively participates in meetings with the customer, partners, suppliers and subcontractors


  • Repeated and extended travel (several months)

External corporate relations

Site subcontractors, co-contractors, operators, technical departments of local authorities


Required experience

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Baccalaureate plus 5 years of study in general engineering, chemistry or electricity/automatic control systems
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Open to beginners specializing in an area of water treatment processes (residual, drinking or industrial)

Key skills required

  • Available
  • A taste for work in the field
  • Sense of initiative and decision-taking

Possibilities for personal development

  • Site engineer
  • Business engineer
  • Project engineer
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