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SUEZ Australia and New Zealand has great opportunities for qualified drivers with a suitable Heavy Vehicle Licence. Operating from our 97 sites around the country, you will be part of our dedicated team that looks out for each other and maintains a superior level of workplace safety.

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As a driver who takes their responsibilities seriously, you will enjoy working with like-minded people who take pride in their job and support each other to do the same.


At SUEZ, our drivers enjoy a sense of inclusion and value. Our team of professional managers, office staff and fellow drivers are here to support you every step of the way, providing you with first class training in waste maintenance, uniforms and ensuring your truck is properly maintained.”

What’s it like to be a SUEZ driver? Find out in the video:

Driving at SUEZ - SUEZ Australia & New Zealand

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We take care of you and help you to take care of your co-workers and ensure everyone goes home safely at the end of each day. With our focus on good equipment, a regular maintenance schedule and a proactive safety culture, everyone at SUEZ is looking out for each other’s welfare.


You will be part of a team based on respect and support. Managers listen to their team members and all staff support each other. And you will have your own scheduled run with great relationships  with your regular customers. Our business is all about people.


Taking ownership of your designated schedule, you will have the freedom to control what you do each day. We want you to maintain a good balance between your work and your life and give you flexibility and opportunity. 


All managers and staff are there to help you each day, whether it is through good maintenance, new uniforms and equipment or just help and advice, you will never be on your own – there will always be someone to lend you a hand.

Women Drivers at SUEZ

SUEZ strongly encourages female applicants and supports female drivers in its network. If you are a woman with a HR licence or know someone who is, we would love to get in touch – see below.


We also provide traineeship to ensure women gets their relevant licence and qualifications to begin a new career with us.


Learn more about our Female Driver Traineeships

Work 180 Endorsed Employer


Work 180 is a transparent directory of Australian employers who support women in the workplace. Our criteria include flexible work, pay equity and parental leave.

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SUEZ invites you to express your interest in joining our team as a Waste Truck Driver.


Did you know?


Globally SUEZ provides 92 million people with safe drinking water and 65 million people with sanitation services. We also provide nearly 52 million people with waste collection services and recover more than 14 million tonnes of waste to create secondary raw materials and energy.


Successful drivers at SUEZ have a valid HR licence, possess a driving record free from recent driving violations, are adaptable and have the capacity to handle unexpected situations. Positive outcomes on criminal history, medical checks and favourable employment recommendations from previous employers are essential.


If you’re keen to join an organisation that provides their employees with Wellness, Flexibility and Professional Development initiatives to help them thrive in and outside of the office and you’d like to be part of our vision to be the global leader in environmental services and share our core values of Passion for the Environment, Customer First, Respect and Team Spirit then we’d love to hear from you. Simply click on the link corresponding to the State you live in and submit your interest by completing the application questions, telling us about yourself. Please be sure to attach your resume.