Develop as an individual in a supportive environment

At SUEZ, we believe that our employees are our most important resource and that their individual identities and fulfillment should be respected and nurtured. We foster an environment where our committed and diverse group can be themselves and thrive.

Work in a friendly environment where your individuality is valued

Our group diversity is a source of innovation and value creation and is reflected in the culturally diverse territories in which we operate. Diversity and equality of opportunity are among the 12 commitments in our Sustainable Development Road Map.


Throughout our diversity programs we promote integration and employment for young people, seniors and people with disabilities, and equal opportunities for women at all levels of our company.


SUEZ #ResourcefulWomen - #WomensDayEveryday

Credit: SUEZ Australia and New Zealand

Diversity cannot exist without inclusion. We strive to deliberately create an inclusive workplace through embracing diversity and celebrating and valuing the many different cultures and backgrounds that make SUEZ such a vibrant and welcoming place to work. We achieve this through a focus on value and respect, belonging and connection, participation and contribution, influence, opportunity and group and social dynamics.


We understand that personal fulfilment also depends on quality of life at work, and strive to offer all our employees a friendly working environment based on respect and a collective spirit. We also develop local management and embed meaning in our employees' work by promoting autonomy and personal initiative.


Health and safety is central to our managerial responsibility and we apply engaging awareness-raising policies for continuous improvement of our performance in this area.


Working at SUEZ means joining a group of dedicated people who are encouraged to be themselves in a supportive environment.

of women in management positions
of employees over 55
employees benefited from the last mentoring program launched in April 2016
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