CEO Letter: Australian Wildfires

Australians are known worldwide for their mateship. Never is this more apparent than when faced with an emergency, particularly one of such magnitude as the current bushfires.

Since September last year, catastrophic and unprecedented fire conditions across the country – intensified by the effects of climate change – have impacted many of our local communities, friends and families.

Although welcome rain has helped to ease conditions this week, the threat remains active. Brave fire crews around the country continue to volunteer their time and risk their lives to help protect the people and homes of Australia.

Many members of our team have been directly affected by this unprecedented disaster. Some were temporarily evacuated, while road closures stopped others from returning to their properties overnight. I ask that everyone continues to be understanding of their colleagues during this difficult time by offering their support and the space needed to recover.

As a company, SUEZ has encountered many challenges, particularly surrounding our operations on the South Coast of New South Wales and in the South East Gippsland area of Victoria. Over the New Years Period, numerous services were cancelled or suspended from our Nowra operations, with trucks being pulled back to base mid-route to ensure the safety of our people. While services have now resumed, we remain on high alert to ensure the safety of our team.

I want to stress, that throughout this emergency the safety and wellbeing of our entire team and their families remains our number one concern. We ask that everyone continues to err on the side of caution and whenever possible, leave areas of danger early.

Here's a summary of some of the initiatives we have underway:

  • $5,000 was donated to support the Wildlife Rescue South Coast.
  • $10,000 was donated to support the Taronga Bushfire Appeal.
  • A “Go Fund Me” page was launched, where all donations from SUEZ employee will be matched by the company including “Get Shorty” fundraising days encourages employees to wear shorts to work and make additional donations.
  • Evacuation Centre Clean-up assistance on NSW’s South Coast.

We will continue to assess how SUEZ can best provide support, including how our skills and resources can be utilised to have the most effective impact.

As we know, this year's fire season has been unprecedented in terms of its severity and we are starting to see the predicted impacts of climate change. However, we simply cannot accept that these types of events are simply the 'new normal'. I would like to assure you that as part of our mission of shaping a sustainable environment, now, through the Shaping 2030 strategy, we continue to support and develop solutions that have a positive impact on our environment.

As always, keep an eye out for your colleagues, and continue to support each other during this difficult time.


SUEZ Australia and New Zealand Media Office
corporateaffairs.anz@suez.com 02 8775 5527