Bastille Festival 2019, NSW

Circular Quay - The Rocks, Sydney , Australia
  • SUEZ is celebrating French food, wine and art at Bastille Festival.  This year, Bastille Festival is celebrating its 7th anniversary and working on an ambitious plan to become the most sustainable food and wine festival in Australia.

    To do so, SUEZ and Bastille Festival have set out some key guidelines for stallholders, including banning plastic, using re-usable wine glasses and making compostable cutlery and plates mandatory.

    Before the event, we’re also encouraging festival goers to please consider the following:

    1. Bring your own water bottle to keep hydrated and reduce the number of cups used.
    2. Plan to use an eco-friendly transportation to help minimise your footprint.
    3. If you’re unsure of what item goes into which bin, please see the posters below.

      SUEZ co mingled recycling poster

      SUEZ general waste poster

    For further information about the event click
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