Energy from Waste Conference 2019, ACT

QT Canberra, Australia
  • SUEZ is proud to be an official sponsor of the upcoming third bi-annual 2019 Energy from Waste Conference.

    Energy from Waste (EfW), also known as Waste to Energy (WtE), is gaining momentum in the Australian waste market, with regulations now in place in some states that support its development. The benefits of EfW include significant increases in diversion from landfill and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and reliance of fossil fuels.

    SUEZ is a world leader in EfW facility project delivery and operation, currently operating 55 EfW facilities globally. The Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia's (WMRR) Energy from Waste Conference is a bi-annual event that brings together international and local EfW experts with the purpose of driving the industry forward.

    About the event: The theme of the conference is Powering Change and the main goal is to understand the barriers to EfW acceptance and how Australis’s EfW capability can be established while supporting the Circular Economy. The event is also a great opportunity to network and share knowledge with local and international EfW experts. SUEZ is proud to be an official sponsor of the 2019 Energy from Waste Conference and numerous SUEZ EfW experts will be in attendance, including Carol Ng who is currently working on a $600M Energy from Waste project with Australian Paper. This project is expected to divert 650,000 tonnes of waste from landfill, saving 543,000 tonnes of carbon emissions per annum. For more information about the 2019 Energy from Waste Conference, go the WMRR website.