Top 5 questions you need to ask when picking your waste partner

Selecting a reliable and reactive waste partner is an important step in ensuring that you control your budget and reduce your business' environmental footprint. By simply having the right bins and equipment, to reduce the waste volume that is sent to landfills, you can improve your sustainability outcomes and business efficiency. Here are the top 5 questions should ask before picking your waste management partner.

1. Do they have their own fleet?

Over flooding bins during your peak busy periods or missed bin collections can be very costly and disruptive. Waste management should be seamless, easy, and reliable. That’s why checking to see if your waste provider has it’s own fleet will reduce the risk of delays and missed pick-ups. This also ensures that missed bins can be reported and the organisation of a new bin or replacement can be issued promptly. A waste provider with their own fleet can also track their trucks and waste journeys so that environmental outcomes and standards are met.

2. Where does your waste end up?

The protection of our environment is now clearly a top concern for Australians. So, when it comes to selecting a waste provider, more companies are concerned about the disposal and recycling outcomes of their waste.

Sorting your waste is critical to reduce your environmental footprint, but what a lot of businesses don’t know is that with the government waste levies in place, intended to encourage the diversion of waste from landfill, it’s both cost-saving and environmentally conscious to manage your waste efficiently.

With this in mind, its increasingly important to look at the partners you work with to ensure that their goals and values align with you and your business, especially when it comes to sustainability. Choosing a sustainable and ethical waste provider is a priority for most companies when selecting their preferred waste service to better understand where their waste ends up.  Transparency is key in this situation so that you can feel confident and aware of your business impact. Having access to training, signage and bin stickers is also important to help encourage recycling and to minimise your impact and final cost.

3. What services can they deliver?

Choose a waste provider that can deliver a complete waste management profile that can cater to the many needs of your business. Waste services that can offer the most popular services including: general waste, recycling solutions, organics & food waste, and the management of specialised waste streams like construction and demolition and medical and clinical waste are more desirable because it’s cheaper and efficient to bundle your services.

Having a holistic view helps your waste expert understand your needs and deliver services that are adapted to your activity and the volume of waste generated.

4. Can they offer reporting services so that you can better manage your waste?

Your waste provider should be able to offer you a waste reporting service so that you can manage your waste and optimise your costs. By managing your services online you'll save time and can make smarter decisions for your business because you’ll have a better understanding of your performance and cost per waste type.

5. Are they safe and compliant with current regulatory laws?

Safety and compliance are no doubt critical parts of your business and its’ values, so make sure that whoever you partner with follows the same ethos. Look for a partner that regards the safety of its people and customers as the utmost priority and has policies in place designed to protect everyone.


Armed with your 5-point checklist, you are now ready to make your final decision on which waste provider you choose. SUEZ offers a total waste management solution that is equipped to deal with any business’ needs across Australia. Our friendly customer service team can talk you through your options so that you can create the right customised service for your business.

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