New Terms and Conditions for Small Businesses

New Terms & Conditions for small business customers - more flexibility and peace of mind.

SUEZ has amended the terms of its Waste Service Agreement that governs the relationship with small business customers for Commercial and Industrial services.The changes aim to deliver improved transparency and more favourable terms for customers through:

  • a customer driven approach on contract term and pricing
  • simplified contract duration and Early Break Fees for greater clarity and certainty.

Changes explained

Contract duration
At the end of the agreed term, there won’t be an automatic renewal for another fixed period. You can choose to end the agreement at that time, or if you want to continue the service but don’t want to commit to another fixed term, you can simply enjoy continuity of our services for as long as you like and can choose to cancel at any time by giving us 60 days’ written notice.

In order to continue to provide our customers with quality services at competitive prices, we need to retain the ability to adjust our Fee. You will have the option to disagree with a Fee adjustment within 14 days. We will talk to you about it and in the unlikely event that we can’t agree, you will be entitled to end our agreement by giving us 60 days’ written notice.

Ending our working relationship early
Unexpected breakups hurt! For us, they involve having to re-plan routes which can result in a lot of administrative time and effort. In addition, we need to physically retrieve and provide maintenance to our bins. Therefore, to maximise efficiencies, enabling your waste costs to remain as low as possible, if you do wish to exit during the agreed term we may charge an Early Break Fee to cover the costs associated with the early break.

Who is a small business customer?
A small business customer is a business that employs less than 20 people (including casuals employed on a regular and systematic basis) and where the contract value is up to $1 million (or up to $300,000 where the contract term is 12 months or less).If you are an existing small business customer, the new Terms & Conditions will apply to you.
The new Terms &Conditions will also apply to our new small business customers.

If you are not a small business, then there will be no change to your Terms & Conditions.