City of Belmont and SUEZ welcome first Electric Vehicle recycling truck to the neighbourhood

SUEZ Western Australia’s first Electric Vehicle (EV) recycling truck has today hit the streets of the City of Belmont, showcasing the future of waste collection in the local community.
SUEZ State General Manager WA Craig Barker said the truck – capable of up to 1200 bin lifts per day – will deliver great outcomes for residents and businesses of the City of Belmont.

“The EV truck is another great example of how SUEZ strives to deliver the best solutions for our customers,” Mr Barker said.

First of its kind for SUEZ in Western Australia, the EV truck will save approximately 35,000 litres of diesel per year, avoiding around 90 tonnes of carbon emissions annually.

Features of the EV truck include an Iveco cab chassis fitted with an electric powered drive train fitted by SEA Electric in a SuperiorPak body. The 230kWh battery provides more than 200 kilometre driving range before recharge, which only requires a simple 32-amp, three-phase outlet.

“In addition to the EV truck’s performance, it’s also whisper quiet which will be welcomed by the City of Belmont community,” Mr Barker added.

City of Belmont Chief Executive Officer John Christie said the City was excited to be the first in Western Australia to benefit from SUEZ’s new EV truck.

“Reducing carbon emissions is a key element of our City’s Environment and Sustainability Strategy, and innovation in waste management is an important part of this,” Mr Christie said.

“We are delighted that SUEZ’s new zero emissions truck will lead our recycling collections and look forward to seeing it out servicing the community while minimising our environmental impact.

”The new EV truck will be collecting recycling from around the City of Belmont.”

In addition to generating zero emissions, the EV truck offers a huge range of benefits including no diesel or AdBlue fuel costs, minimal oil changes and significantly reduced maintenance.

“Improved braking also means brake pads only need to be replaced every two years, compared to quarterly changes in traditional diesel-powered side-lift trucks,” Mr Barker said.


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