Circular Economy

Composting facilities in Queensland

Queenslanders, like so many Australians, are getting behind the notion of a circular economy.

We’re seeing more and more households and businesses adopt sustainable practices to reduce our environmental footprint. In Queensland, statistics published in 2019 show that organic processors in the state converted 1.33 million tonnes of inputs (like green waste, biosolids and grease trap waste) into products such as soil, potting mixes and mulches.

The passion Queenslanders have for our purpose of shaping a sustainable environment, now, has been so impressive that organic processors of both solid and liquid waste have begun to experience some bottlenecks in receival. It is a situation that was in part foreseen by the government when it commissioned a 2019 critical assessment, review and evaluation of composting operations in the state. That report, prepared by a leading consultancy, acknowledged the vital role composting plays in the broader waste management system. It also noted the need to carefully balance composting operations with impacts on the local community, such as from odour.

SUEZ teams in Sydney as well as locally in Brisbane are engaging closely with our receival partners to minimise disruption and cost increases to you and our other customers. Several of our composting partners are also working towards in-vessel composting to mitigate odour issues. While this type of processing comes at an increased cost, it remains more cost-effective than sending waste to landfill, both from an economic perspective as levies increase and from an environmental standpoint.

 As our partners adjust to a changing regulatory landscape and increased demand for their services, some increase in the costs we charge you for collection can be expected. Any increase will be in line with our commercial arrangement with you and will be communicated as soon as it is known.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to your account manager.


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