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Higher landfill levy poised to boost economy

SUEZ has this week welcomed the Victorian Government’s decision to increase the landfill levy as an important step in creating jobs and managing the state’s waste.
Announced as part of the state Budget, the Andrews government plans to move ahead with increasing the cost of sending waste to landfill as part of the state’s commitment to a more sustainable future. 

SUEZ supports a levy increase over time to incentivise greater investment in alternative infrastructure that prioritises material recovery over landfill.

Mark Globan, SUEZ’s Victorian Infrastructure Manager, said a higher levy would drive investment in the types of infrastructure that provide viable alternatives to landfill while encouraging Victorians to recycle more and waste less.

“A levy increase has the potential to help build the circular economy in Victoria, creating jobs and growing the broader economy, by further promoting industries that are innovating in the resource recovery and recycling space,” he said.

Mr Globan referred to the existing partnership between SUEZ and Opal for a state-of-the-art energy from waste facility in the Latrobe Valley as an example of how moving towards a circular economy can create jobs and help rebuild the Victorian economy.

“Energy from waste facilities use safe, non-recyclable materials that would otherwise go to landfill as fuel to create energy,” he said. “A higher levy helps stimulate these types of alternatives, providing an economic incentive to make greener choices.

“The facility we’re building with Opal in Maryvale is projected to create 500 jobs annually during construction and will have initial capacity to process 325,000 tonnes of residual waste per year,” he said. 

Mr Globan encouraged the Victorian Government to reinject the landfill levies back into the economy via grants and other government-led initiatives to support better environmental outcomes. 

“Using levies to support projects like energy from waste facilities is something we’d like to see governments across Australia get behind as a means of growing the circular economy, preventing a waste crisis and creating jobs,” he concluded. 


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