Sustainable garden sprouts career paths at Carmel School

Students at Carmel School are growing their own fresh fruit and vegetables in a new sustainable garden, created under a $15,000 grant from resource management company SUEZ.

The eco-friendly garden provides valuable learning opportunities for students in how to establish and maintain a garden using sustainable methods. They can also develop lifelong skills in transforming the produce into healthy meals.

“The project has a specific focus on our special needs students, providing them with life and business skills and empowering them to be able to start their own gardening or food business when they leave school,” said Carmel School Principal, Shula Lazar.

“The garden will be integrated with the science and food technology subject areas and give students a greater appreciation of nature, ecology and food preparation.”

The garden was established at the beginning of 2019, with planting, harvesting and ongoing care undertaken by students in line with a seasonal plan. Students from across the school will have access to the garden, with families and the wider community also benefiting from the skills and knowledge they gain.

Carmel School is one of Perth’s leading independent schools and is situated at the heart of the Perth Jewish community. Subjects such as food technology and science are in high demand and the new produce garden provides a stimulating avenue for students to explore these fields.

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SUEZ State General Manager Western Australia, Craig Barker, presenting the SUEZ Community Grants cheque to Carmel School's Principal, Shula Lazar

Visiting the garden on the 3rd of April to present the cheque to Shula Lazar, Principal of Carmel School. Craig Barker, State General Manager WA was delighted to witness the students’ high level of engagement with the garden.

“Getting children interested in growing and preparing their own food and taking care of the environment sets them up with valuable skills for life,” said Ms Lazar.

“This project is a great way for students to put their learning about sustainability and food technology into practice, and to take that enthusiasm into developing their own fruit and vegetable gardens at home and in their communities,” said Mr Barker.

City of Stirling Mayor Mark Irwin said it was great to see Suez continuing to support our youngest sustainability champions.

“One of the City’s main areas of focus is sustainability and we work with a number of schools including Carmel, through our Living Green Program, which offers incentives, support and funding so they can work towards becoming a sustainable school,” he said.

“The initiative the students and staff at Carmel School have shown and the fantastic results they have yielded are a real testament to their commitment to sustainability and I am sure this grant will go a long way towards ensuring this continues.”

Now in its fifth year, the SUEZ Community Grants program has donated more than $740,000 in funding to community organisations and projects across Australia that help communities and the environment thrive.

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