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Big water savings in little hands

Talbingo Kindergarten will become one of Victoria’s first kindergartens to install water-saving taps in its children’s bathroom, funded by a $2000 grant from waste and water management company SUEZ.

The kindergarten will replace its traditional taps with push-button timed taps in the bathroom shared by the three and four-year-old children that attend the facility, as part of its commitment to sustainability.

Early Learning Teacher, Moira Watson said that the initiative will save a great deal of water in the bathroom, which is used by more than 150 children each week.

“The project allows Talbingo to be a more sustainable centre,” said Ms Watson.

“It will also allow our teaching staff to further educate the children – and extended community through their families – in our commitment to become more environmentally friendly and to promotesustainable positive changes by saving our precious resources, such as water.”

Talbingo Kindergarten already uses worm farms and compost bins and promotes ‘nude food’ for the children’s snack and meals. The facility has also installed a water tank to facilitate water play while conserving natural water resources. The cost savings from reduced water bills flows through to more programs, better equipment and keeping fee levels to a minimum for parents.

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SUEZ State General Manager Victoria, presenting the SUEZ Community Grants cheque to Moira Watson, Lead Educator at Talbingo Kindergarten alongside students from the kindergarten

Nathaniel Bryant, Victoria State General Manager visited the kindergarten on May 20, 2019 to present the cheque to Moira Watson, Lead Educator.

“Every drop counts, and despite the best efforts of parents and teachers, small children often use a lot of water simply washing their hands,” Moira Watson said.

“The installation of these new taps will not only enable the kindergarten to save water, but will help the children learn practical ways to conserve water and begin to understand how they can play a significant role in taking care of the environment.”

Now in its fifth year, the SUEZ Community Grants program has donated more than $740,000 in funding to community organisations and projects across Australia that help communities and the environment thrive.

Learn more about the SUEZ Community Grants program, the successful applicants and their projects at www.suezcommunitygrants.com.au.


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