Circular Economy

SUEZ supports outcomes from Environment Ministers Meeting

Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ in Australia & New Zealand, Mark Venhoek, said he’s pleased to see the Commonwealth, State and Territory Ministers and the President of the Australian Local Government Association meet today to discuss the future of Australia’s waste.
Mr Venhoek welcomed the Government’s focus on making 100% of products recyclable and re-useable by 2025 although believes that swift action and Investment needs to be made to ensure that this goal is met.

Collaboration to achieving this is key and without investment from Government and a commitment from packaging manufacturers and industry working together, we will not achieve this goal. 

Mr Venhoek also welcomed the commitment from different levels of Government to explore energy-from-waste projects and the support for the technology from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

“Energy from Waste technology is the missing link in the waste management hierarchy and waste infrastructure in Australia. After reduction, re-use and recycling, there is a crucial element: to recover the energetic value from waste,” he said.


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