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SUEZ supports Seabin in cleaning our oceans

A shared commitment to protecting the environment for future generations has underpinned a $10,000 donation from SUEZ to the Seabin Foundation to aid the group’s continued fight against pollution in Australia’s waterways.
Founded in 2014 by two avid water lovers, the Seabin Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation with a vision to address the scourge of ocean pollution, particularly pollution caused by plastics. Its innovative Seabin unit is a rubbish skimmer designed to be installed in any water body with a calm environment. The foundation now has a presence in more than 50 countries and 1,100 individual bins. 

SUEZ CEO Mark Venhoek explains that the donation reflects SUEZ’s support for organisations that share its commitment to protecting the environment.

“At SUEZ, our purpose is to shape a sustainable environment, now,” he said. “Each day, the Seabin Foundation is using its Seabin technology to do just that, filtering hundreds of thousands of litres of seawater to collect waste that has sadly ended in our waterways.” 

The SUEZ donation will help the organisation with its round-the-clock work towards achieving its ultimate goal of pollution-free oceans for our future generations. 

“By being operational 24/7, Seabins give the organisation an opportunity to take a snapshot of what is polluting the waterways in each specific location, providing valuable information that can then be linked to weather patterns, stormwater drains and water catchment,” Mark said. “That detailed level of investigation allows Seabin greater scope to work with communities in stopping the leakages at the source.”

Mahi Paquette, CEO at the Seabin Foundation, added that SUEZ’s financial support over the past three years has been of great value in assisting Seabin’s teams.

“Thanks to generous donations like those from SUEZ, we’ve been able to implement data analysis and deliver associated education through reporting and community engagement,” she said. 

“We value SUEZ’s support and appreciate the organisation’s belief in our mission and our work.”