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BeneVap a sustainable way to treat leachate

With the aim of continually improving the operations of the landfill, we would like to advise you of SUEZ Hallam Road Landfill’s application to the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) for a Research, Design and Development (RD&D) approval.

Following strict EPA monitoring requirements and controls, the research application will allow for SUEZ to demonstrate the use of innovative leachate management equipment, named BeneVap.

Leachate is water that has percolated through waste and is contained and treated on site in accordance with best practice. Currently, leachate is treated using aeration and evaporation which helps break down contaminants until it is tested and accepted by South East Water to be treated further off site.

The mobile BeneVap system is a more efficient means to treat leachate. Using combustion of landfill gas, the BeneVap accelerates the treatment process. Further details of this process are included in the pamphlet provided.

You may notice a visible steam plume which is part of the normal operation of the BeneVap. The plume will be monitored to ensure there is no community impact.

Project Update:

  • The BeneVap system has been delivered to site.
  • Construction to prepare the system will commence Tuesday April 14, 2020.
  • Operation and monitoring of BeneVap system expected late April.


If you have any enquiries or reports please contact SUEZ via:

Alternatively, if you have any immediate environmental concerns please phone our Environmental Report Hotline on 1800 368 737.


The Hallam Road Landfill Team.


Hallam Road Landfill Team