Current Victoria Hallam Road

Capping Cells 10B and 11

Cells 10B and 11 are being prepared for final capping. The capping process is completed in accordance the Best Practice Environmental Management (BPEM) set by the Environment Protection Authority and assessed by third parties for quality assurance.

Commencing in April, this process will be completed in the following months. This webpage will be updated to notify of completion.




The final capping process includes:

  • Application and compaction of clay.
  • Application of high-density polyethylene to seal the cells.
  • Subsoil and topsoil layers applied.
  • Drilling of wells to connect to landfill gas network (link LGN video).
  • Seeding of grass.
  • Completion of third-party audits for quality assurance.

What to expect during construction:

We will do everything possible to minimise disruption during installation. The only notable disturbance for the installation is expected to be:

  • Delivery of materials by an oversize vehicle with a long wheelbase.
  • Mildly increased traffic to deliver materials.
  • The well drilling process has the potential to produce odour. This will be mitigated on site using a targeted odour suppressant.
  • Earth moving equipment will be used during this process. There should be no impacts as earth moving equipment is a part of the sites daily practice.


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