Current Victoria Hallam Road

Cell 12 Final Extraction

As Cell 12 approaches its final filling height and closure, further landfill gas extraction will be completed. The cell previously had 12 wells drilled in 2019.

An additional 33 vertical wells are being drilled in May 2020. During this process the contractor uses a targeted odour suppressant to mitigate potential for odour. The infrastructure of the well is then applied and connected to the rest of the Landfill Gas Network. For final extraction, the 45 total wells, under vacuum will direct landfill gas to the Landfill Gas Network. The Landfill Gas Network helps mitigate odour by collecting gas and converting it into electricity through generators. The electricity is then redistributed to the grid.

What to expect during construction:

We will do everything possible to minimise disruption during installation. Potential for disturbances include:
•    The well drilling process has the potential to produce odour. This will be mitigated on site using a targeted odour suppressant.
•    Earth moving equipment will be used during this process. This has the potential to create noise, but there should be no impacts due to the distance from the cell to the nearest resident.


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