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Power Pole Relocation

SUEZ Hallam Road Landfill has a planned power outage on Saturday February 29, 2020. This is required to relocate a power pole within the site boundary. This power pole is being moved in preparation for the bulk out of Cell 15. Whilst this cell will not be created in the immediate future, this preparation and planning needs to commence.
During this planned power outage, the site will continue to operate using generators to meet its power needs.

Under normal circumstances landfill gas is drawn through the landfill gas network and run through engines to produce energy. During the power outage, the nearby community has the potential to see flares as the site burns landfill gas drawn from the landfill cells. This is done to mitigate odour and the release of methane to the atmosphere.
What to expect during operations:
This will not impact local power supplies, just the energy needs to SUEZ Hallam Road Landfill.

There is a potential to see flares in operation from Hallam Road.

The Outlook Environmental Public Transfer Station will be open as usual on Saturday (8am – 4pm)

Outlook Environmental can be contacted on 03 9799 6277

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