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SUEZ Hallam Road Landfill - Continuous Improvement Plan

A key part of operating the landfill is the management and treatment of stormwater and leachate. Leachate is the liquid that has come into contact with waste within the landfill cell.

The leachate is treated on site prior to being discharged to sewer in accordance with a trade waste agreement. Treatment using aeration helps break down the organic material within the leachate. Once the leachate meets the specifications of the trade waste agreement, the site seeks approval from the water authority to discharge the leachate to sewer. The leachate will then receive further treatment off site at the Eastern Treatment Plant.

Currently, we are treating leachate that has been on site for longer than its usual cycle. This is due to delays in a construction process. Typically, leachate would be treated more readily than currently experienced on site.

We welcome and thank you for your feedback. The site has made adjustments to our management process. We will do everything possible to minimise disruption.

Thank you - The Hallam Road Landfill Team.

SUEZ is completing the following actions:

  • Investigating, installing and repairing infrastructure in areas where additional landfill gas generation is experienced
  • Investing in further dosing agents to help neutralise odour in the leachate ponds at the north of site.
  • Installation of new aerators that jet air into the water rather than bubble on the surface as conventionally used for aeration. This will help address surface emissions.
  • Capping works in Cells 10b and 11 continues and all efforts are being made to reduce the project timeline

Progress update (November 5, 2020):

Due to recent feedback, the site has completed further, comprehensive site investigations. The leachate being treated has predominantly been the key source of recent odour.  Actions have been taken to address the management of leachate and the search has led to additional improvements, including:

  • Dosing the leachate ponds to help promote improved bacteria that will speed up the treatment process and address the components that cause odour.
  • Gradually introducing aerators to support the treatment of material in the leachate ponds. The site has seen a reduction in the odour from the leachate and the aerators continue to support the process.
  • Additional aerators will be connected tomorrow (Nov 6, 2020) to further improve leachate management.

Ongoing leachate sampling indicates that these measures are progressing and addressing the issue.

EPA Victoria has published a report summary: landfill odours and human health, which is available to view here.

Progress Update (November 11, 2020):

With the existing matured leachate responding well to aeration, the site has planned the filling of the remaining leachate treatment pond with adjustments in the management process.

The aeration has improved the chemistry and biology of the matured leachate, reducing odour over time.

This treated leachate will be used to help dilute the leachate entering the remaining pond from the landfill cells. By completing the process this way, the aerators will be able to commence treating the new leachate immediately.

The site also has cultures prepared to dose the ponds, speeding up the process. These cultures help address the biology of the ponds, much like a probiotic addresses gut health.

The site has plans to fill this pond during November. The initial filling has the potential to cause odour. These revised management actions have been undertaken to help reduce this odour.

If you would like to provide the site with feedback, please use the SUEZ Environmental Report Hotline or the EPA hotline below.

Progress Update (November 20, 2020):

  • Dosing and aeration of the ponds continues. This has helped treat the composition of the leachate and odour. 
  • The site has met with the landfill’s Community Reference Group, including the Lynbrook Residents Association and Environment Protection Authority and consolidated further feedback.
  • The site has engaged with the broader water treatment industry to pursue further treatment options and preventative measures


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