Completed Victoria Hallam Road

Transitioning to Cell 13

Cell 13 will be filled in two stages. These stages divide the cell up to ensure the cell is filled in segments reducing the possibility of escaping odours as waste breaks down over time.
Horizontal wells are placed in the waste to capture landfill gas as the waste is laid. This gas is extracted and run through the engines of the Landfill Gas Network converting the gas into electricity, whilst mitigating its potential odour. By completing the Cell in two stages, the site can achieve greater efficiency between filling the cell and drilling additional vertical wells to extract landfill gas. This process allows for the cell to be capped sooner.

What to expect during the transition/ operations:

We will do everything possible to minimise disruption during the filling of Cell 13. Potential for disturbances include:

•    The cell will be visible to residents East of the landfill. Heavy machinery and litter nets will be used to contain the cells contents are likely to be seen. The near side will be filled and covered to help create a visual buffer with this in mind.
•    Potential to see a controlled flame. In addition to converting the landfill gas into electricity through engines the site occasionally flares excess gas.
•    Potential to see a steam plume. The site has installed an evaporator called BeneVap to improve water and leachate management on site.


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