6 tips for a safer workplace

Managing toxic waste and creating a safer workplace is easy once you're armed with the right knowledge and support. Here are our 6 top tips to get you started:


1. Never place hazardous waste into your general waste or recycling bins

Each type of dangerous waste has a unique method of disposal and treatment, and is subject to varied regulatory compliance. Just one toxic waste item in your bin can contaminate an entire load, put anyone who comes into contact at risk, and leach dangerous chemicals into the environment.

2. Understand your waste profile

Our comprehensive waste audit is a great way to clarify your current waste performance and identify any toxic waste types for specialised management. It can also identify opportunities to reduce costs,boost efficiency and highlight any behaviours impeding performance.

3. Keep your bins accessible and organised

Once you have a clear picture of every waste type your business generates, work with your waste service provider to ensure you have the proper bins, containers and bin room setup. Having the correct bins supported by ideal placement and clear signage makes it simpler for your staff to understand what goes where – and what doesn’t.

4. Get everyone on board

This can be difficult, particularly for businesses faced with high staff turnover, shiftwork, varying degrees of training, and multiple and remote sites. We work with you to deliver bespoke, accessible education that drives a genuine shift in employee behaviour to boost your sustainability culture and outcomes.

5. Explore your recycling options

Just because it’s hazardous, that doesn’t mean it’s not useful. SUEZ can recover valuable resources from a wide range of dangerous waste items for reuse. From single-use batteries, for example, comes a wealth of precious metals for reuse in manufacturing, such as aluminium, silver, iron and mercury. Used motor oil can be cleaned and reused as industrial burner fuel or even higher quality new oil products. If in doubt about what can be recycled, check out our recycling fact sheets or your local Council website.

6. Be certain you know where your waste ends up

When it comes to hazardous waste disposal, it’s not a case of out of sight, out of mind. SUEZ’s secure, traceable transport and full certification offer absolute confidence that your dangerous waste is directed to the right place and managed appropriately.

There are so many simple steps you can take today. Click here to discover more smart ideas for managing waste to create a safer, more sustainable workplace.