Saying thanks

At SUEZ, we deliver critical services. Whether it’s treating drinking water, operating wastewater treatment plants or collecting waste from supermarkets, hospitals and aged care centres, everyone in the community counts on us and the services we provide.

As COVID-19 spreads further across the globe, we continue to share in the challenges and difficulties faced as it takes grip on so many local communities where our families, friends and colleagues reside. The toll this it is taking is simply unimaginable and we stand in solidarity, both in Australia and abroad, as we face this fight together.

We are at a crucial juncture in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 here in Australia. Governments across the country have moved swiftly and resolutely as the virus reached our shores with the measures introduced in recent weeks having dramatically changed our lives. We all understand that the purpose of these measures is to prepare and protect us for what has become one of the most challenging periods in generations.

We have seen some positive signs recently that the actions taken by governments in Australia are starting to have an impact. However, it is imperative that each of us do what we can to slow the spread of the virus. To protect those most at risk and support our healthcare system, we all must continue to respect the principles of social distancing by practising good hygiene, keeping at least 1.5 meters away from other, using tap and go features instead of cash and avoiding physical greetings.

Importantly, we must support each other as we work together to get through this tough time, safely!

This week I had the opportunity to check in with some of our teams, practicing social distancing of course, at two of locations in Sydney – NSW state head office and Prospect Filtration Water Plant to see how they are managing during this difficult time and ensure they had everything they needed to serve our customers and the community. I am incredibly proud of the teams, not only at these sites but at all our sites across the country, all of whom are rising to the challenges presented by COVID-19.

For Wetherill Park

NSW State Head Office at Wetherill Park

Our team at the Prospect Water Filtration Plant have been working hard throughout this period to provide safe and reliable water treatment services. Day in and day out, our team – working together with Sydney Water – continue to do what’s required to treat drinking water for Sydney Water’s customers.

At our NSW state head office in Wetherill Park, it was great to see the progress of the refurbishment work that is currently underway. We’re all looking forward to its completion and returning to having staff in the office in due course. Our maintenance crews were as busy as ever too, working tirelessly to keep our trucks on the road and maintain the continuity of service that our customers need and expect during this time.

Prospect   Twitter linkedin

Prospect Water Filtration Plant

While so many of us are able to work from home, it’s an important reminder that we must continue to support and give thanks for those who are working hard to ensure our services continue to be delivered across Australia.

Now more than ever, we must join in thanks for our teams on the frontline. They are doing a fantastic job and will no doubt continue to do so.


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