Recycling and Recovery

The benefits of smart & sustainable waste management

We see waste management from a holistic point of view. One of the key learnings of 2020 was how rapidly the status quo can change, and the critical importance of being proactive and transparent in protecting our employees and the planet and preserving our resources.

Adopt smart waste management

Too often, integrated waste management is overlooked as a vital tool in boosting your corporate social responsibility. But today, we have incredible innovations at our fingertips to turn your waste into valuable new resources.

We can help you put recycling and recovery at the heart of your waste management plan. With more than 100 advanced facilities in Australia, we partner with companies to implement innovative solutions that reduce your carbon emissions and move you closer to carbon neutrality.

Our highly engineered landfills, known as smart cells® , offer a unique advantage in reducing your carbon emissions and creating renewable energy from your waste. Boosting environmental performance also relies on clear and timely data. SUEZ reports regularly on your recycling and recovery rates, carbon emissions and overall environmental impact. We also help you attain the environmental certifications your business needs to move forward sustainably.

Boost your financial and environmental performance

Sorting your waste and reducing contamination can have a significant impact on your waste billing.

Every company can benefit from customised waste management plans developed from the results of a full waste audit that considers your unique factors – such as what equipment you have on hand and the types and volumes of waste you produce.

Each waste stream is disposed of, treated and recovered in a different manner. Having a total waste management plan is the most efficient way to reduce your costs.

Education is also key. Educational material, signage and training for your staff encourages every user to safely and efficiently divert waste to the right bin – and play their part in enhancing performance.

Ensure compliance and reduce costs

We’re continuously monitoring the state of play to ensure every one of our waste and recycling services are fully compliant with new laws, right across every state and territory.

We work alongside you to optimise your supply chain and logistics so that every single interaction along the line delivers the best possible use of your resource.

Scheduled billing reports and comprehensive data ensure you have a clear picture of your waste performance and costs. We strive to deliver safe, transparent and timely disposal of your waste.

Working side by side with the right partner can harness the true value in your waste for new resources, benefits, and brand equity. And in the process, you become a champion for sustainability.

Get in touch with our team for a confidential conversation on how a customised strategy can get your waste working for you.