SUEZ Australia and New Zealand announces Reconciliation Australia's endorsement for its Innovate RAP 2021–2023

SUEZ Australia and New Zealand acknowledges the important role we have to play as a large organisation in supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the communities in which we operate and serve. Not only is it our social responsibility as Australians to ensure that our sustainable business practices incorporate the First Nations people, but it is also an important motivator to build a more diverse and inclusive employee base.

In working to achieve a change in our organisation, SUEZ has embraced the Reconciliation Action Plan process, established by Reconciliation Australia. We are thrilled to announce the official endorsement by Reconciliation Australia of the SUEZ Innovate RAP 20212023.  

This two-year plan will form an effective roadmap to help us achieve the desired sustainable outcomes. The effects of SUEZ’s Reconciliation Action Plan will be visible both internally and externally, through celebrating culturally significant events, hosting employee engagement workshops, providing equal opportunity employment, focussing on supplier diversity, youth empowerment and providing both financial and professional support to community initiatives. 

Read SUEZ Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan below featuring the SUEZ artwork designed by Aboriginal artist Jordan Lovegrove, a Ngarrindjeri man.