The time is now: SUEZ calls for action at the upcoming Meeting for Environment Ministers

The waste industry is at a tipping point. The introduction of the China National Sword Policy in January last year placed significant and immediate pressure on the sector to find alternate markets for recyclables – amounting to more than one million tonnes each year in Australia alone. Since the initial shockwaves penetrated the industry and rippled into government, business and the community, the ensuing impact on the worldwide market for recyclable materials has been dramatic.
Yes, this is a colossal and complex challenge; but we believe that it also presents an unparalleled opportunity to radically rethink our national approach to waste. We need to look beyond scrabbling for quick fixes to the immediate issue, focusing instead on the creation of solutions that are sustainable – economically, environmentally and socially – long into the future. Beyond this, the inadequacy of the current state of play provides fresh impetus for innovation that brings new and valuable reuse opportunities to the fore.