Waste collection

Important information about Victorian Waste Transport Certificates

EPA Victoria are changing their guidelines for how Waste Transport Certificates (WTCs) are to be submitted. Here is some useful information to help you with the transition.

What is changing?

From 1 July 2019, all duty holders will be required to submit waste transport certificates (WTCs) electronically. This means that as of 1 July 2019 you will no longer have the option to submit paper WTCs.  


What happens if I don’t submit my WTCs electronically after 1 July 2019?

From 1 July 2019, SUEZ will not be able to transport prescribed industrial waste (PIW) if you have not completed a WTC online prior to collection. This may also result in a futile transport charge.

To avoid disruptions to your waste collection services and unnecessary futile collection charges, please make sure that prior to collection you:

  1. Complete an electronic WTC for the relevant waste stream, and;
  2. Present the valid WTC to the collection driver.

When do you need to submit a WTC?

A WTC is required for all PIW single loads. This is where waste is picked up in one load and taken straight to the disposal facility, with no other customer’s waste being added to the load.

A WTC is not required when the waste is collected and combined with other customer’s waste (ie as part of a ‘milk run’). Examples include grease trap, medical waste and triple interceptor collections. 


How do I submit WTCs electronically?
EPA Interaction Portal is your online point of contact with EPA Victoria. It is through this portal that you will need to complete and submit your electronic WTCs.

Creating an account in the EPA Interaction Portal.

To make sure you’re ready to submit WTCs electronically, you will firstly need to create an online account in the EPA Interaction Portal. Information on how to access the portal and create an account can be found here.

Submitting an electronic WTC

Once you have set up your online account, you can submit your WTC’s electronically. For information on how to do this, please refer to the EPA video or quick reference guide.

If you require further information or assistance with submitting your electronic WTCs, please contact us on 13 13 35.