Wastewater treatment and re-use

World Oceans Day: every action counts

The fight to protect our oceans must first take place on land. By managing and recovering waste properly and by improving wastewater treatments, we can make a difference. Organisations, governments, and individuals alike, all have an important part to play. From simple waste sorting to the implementation of innovative solutions, together we can take action and protect the world’s oceans.

80% of maritime pollution is of land-based origin and approximately 90% made up of plastics. Plastic waste, when not collected, sorted and recovered on land, eventually reaches the seas and oceans via rivers where it breaks down into micro and nanoplastics.

Simple day-to-day activities are also responsible from the production of micro and nanoplastics. Domestic washing machines are release thousands of plastic microfibres (contained in synthetic clothing), into the sewage network, every single cycle.


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