Education support

For businesses, making sure every employee understands their waste management responsibilities can be challenging – particularly with staff changes, multiple and remote sites and people at different levels of their training journey. SUEZ supports your business with education and training programs that boost your sustainability culture and performance.
Changing behaviour

Supporting your employees to meet your sustainability goals

A waste management system relies on people to minimise waste volumes and contamination and maximise recycling. We can help you drive a positive shift in the behaviour of your employees with customised, engaging and accessible education programs.

Reaping the rewards

Educating employees in waste management best practices, such as what waste goes in which bin, risks, safety and environmental benefits, can drive a real shift in behaviour. With this comes improvements in diversion, reductions in costs and greater safety outcomes.

Change by design

Developing a program that works for your business requires a full understanding of the people and places involved in your waste management practices. We identify and consult with key stakeholders such as your employees, subcontractors and suppliers to make sure we get the full picture. We then develop appealing, targeted behavioural change programs customised to your unique situation, using engaging digital and on-site communications tools and placing helpful resources at key waste generation points. We assess and reassess as we go to measure and optimise impact on your waste diversion.
Our programs

A multi-faceted approach to education and training

SUEZ has extensive experience in developing effective waste management education programs and systems, providing our customers with everything they need to make sustainability excellence second nature.

Bright, simple signage

Engaging signage at the point of waste generation and collection is a powerful tool for employee education. SUEZ has bin stickers and a range of posters in defined waste stream colours to help people separate and sort waste into the right bins, delivering reduced contamination and greater recycling. Each poster can be customised and co-branded to meet your needs. You can view some examples of our poster templates below. 

Customised on-site training

SUEZ offers a range of tailored on-site training options for businesses. Training local teams, employee waste management champions and third parties includes an induction and routine education on bin placement and use. Appropriate staff are also trained in any specialised equipment and processes that apply to their roles. Individualised training leads to greater source separation, safety and compliance.

Flexible online training Platform

SUEZ’s comprehensive online training platform is a fun and user-friendly hub for learning about safety and best practice in managing waste. Fully customisable to the needs of your business and accessible 24/7 from any device, it makes educating and monitoring your employees’ understanding of safe and effective waste management practices simple and effective.


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Educational tours

SUEZ operates three Education Centres across Australia, with six dedicated education officers running inspiring programs for schools, community groups and businesses. We also open our sites for interactive educational tours to develop first-hand knowledge of the sorting, recycling and recovery process and build awareness of sustainable living practices.


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