Bins and containers

Having the right bin structure for your unique waste management needs makes all the difference when it comes to ensuring safe and easy collection, improving environmental performance and reducing costs. SUEZ has an ideal bin or container for every situation, in a range of sizes to suit commercial, industrial and general needs.
Safety first

Get the best from your bins

SUEZ is an engaged and responsible service provider. Helping you understand the basics of bin safety is an important part of this.
Whatever type of bin or container solution you have in place, there are some common guidelines that keep everyone safe.

Never overload bins, climb on top of them or place unpermitted waste types – such as chemicals, asbestos, flammable or infectious substances, gas cylinders or hot ash and coal – in them. Bins should always be stored in a safe and secure way, with applicable wheel brakes engaged. Take care with latches and keep hands clear of sharp edges, hinges and pinch points.
Click the links below to learn more about safety for specific bin types:
FEL and REL bins
Dino and Hook bins
Clear guidelines

Making it simple with colour-coding and signage

SUEZ uses visually appealing and easy to understand tools to make it easy for everyone to understand what waste streams go in which bin.
Our bins and containers use Australian Standard coloured lids and signage, meaning the bins you use at work are similar to the source-separation systems in place in homes and public spaces across the nation. We support this with a range of customised signage and posters to clarify at a glance the types of items that can go in each bin.

Through visual engagement and reinforcement, your waste ends up in the right containers more often. This means higher resource recovery rates, reduced costs and enhanced environmental performance.
Our range

Standard bins

We provide container solutions for all types of waste produced by households, businesses and industries.

Front lift bins

  • Bin sizes from 1.5m³ to 6.0m³
  • Colour-coded lids and signage to Australian Standards or to suit customer requirements
  • Suitable for medium to high volume commercial and industrial waste producers
  • Split lid functionality
  • Wheels available following safety site assessment
  • Padlock and chains available

Click here to download our Front Lift Collection brochure

Mobile garbage bins (2-wheeled rear lift containers)

  • Bin sizes from 60L to 360L
  • Colour-coded lids and signage to Australian Standard or to suit customer requirements
  • Ideal for lightweight, lower volume, frequently collected commercial and industrial waste streams
  • Suitable for internal or external use

Click here to download our Mobile Garbage Bin Collection brochure

Rear lift bins (4-wheeled containers)

  • Bin sizes from 660L to 1100L
  • Colour-coded lids and signage to Australian Standards, or to suit customer requirements
  • Easy-to-move and lightweight
  • Suitable for most small to mid-size commercial, industrial and municipal waste types
  • Long-term and short-term bin hire options are available.

Our rear lift hire bins can be fitted with:

  • Lockable wheels (660L and 1100L bins)
  • Padlock and chain
  • Liners
  • Bung for ease of cleaning

Click here to download our Rear Lift Collection brochure

Skip and bulk bins

Skip and bulk bins 

Our bulk waste containers are ideal for a range of uses, particularly for the construction and demolition industry.

Roll-on roll-off (RORO) bulk bins 

  • Bin sizes from 10m³ to 32m³
  • Made from heavy duty steel
  • Ideal for commercial and industrial customers who generate dense, bulky, non-compatible or large volumes of waste
  • High volume waste producers can utilise a stationary or transportable compactor to further reduce costs and service requirements
  • Minimises traffic movements on site, resulting in lower risks
  • Can be fed by hand, chute, conveyor, tippler and other specialist equipment
  • Rear doors make depositing waste into the bin easier and safer

Click here to download our RORO brochure

Skip bins

  • Bin sizes from 2m³ to 9m³
  • Ideal for the removal of residual building materials
  • Delivered and collected from your site

    Learn more about our Skip Bins
Specialised bins and containers 

Specialised bins and containers 

SUEZ offers a range of customised container solutions for niche and hazardous waste streams.


  • Create a resource recovery system near copiers, printers, coffee stations and in kitchens
  • Available in 60L or 73L capacity for a range of dedicated waste streams
  • Exceptional quality of design and manufacture
  • Australian Standards colour-coded lids for easy identification
  • Differentiated aperture openings and graphics to help users recognise appropriate waste streams
  • Modular system, with individual or multiple linked units
  • Efficient size and shape to fit tight spaces
  • Durable and easy to clean all-plastic construction

Under desk and office floor boxes

  • For recycling paper and cardboard
  • Used in conjunction with a 120 or 240L paper and cardboard collection containers

Batteries, fluorescents tubes and globes

  • Specialised containers for source separation of batteries, fluorescent tubes and globes

Medical and clinical waste bins

  • Extensive range of bins and containers for all types of medical waste
  • Designed for safer handling in the workplace and during transportation and treatment

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Sharps containers

  • Wide range of sizes, from 1.4L sharp containers and 20L pails (with liner) to larger 120L and 240L containers
  • Specialty types including trolleys for large collectors, trolley hanging baskets and wall-mounting brackets
  • Safe, secure and compliant with Australian Standards

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