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Skip bins in NSW or ACT

SUEZ provides fast, reliable and convenient skip bin hire and collection services in Sydney and across New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, meeting the needs of the building and construction industry, businesses and households.

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Fast, easy, reliable

Why use SUEZ skip bins?

Skip bins are delivered and collected from your site in accordance with your schedule, ensuring your waste is properly disposed of while maximising the recovery of recyclable materials.

We operate in your area and understand your needs. Our team can suggest the best bin to meet the requirements of local builders, businesses, and households and residences undertaking renovation projects and clean outs.


SUEZ skip bins:

  • increase site safety
  • increase profitability and productivity
  • reduce chemical run-off
  • reduce public dumping
  • improve aesthetics
  • facilitate on-site waste removal and litter reduction
  • protect resources for recovery, and
  • reduce council policing and fines.

Working with builders to recycle residual building materials and waste

Construction and demolition of buildings contributes up to 40 per cent of all solid waste disposed of in Australian landfills, equal to around eight million tonnes every year. SUEZ’s skip bin service reduces waste to landfill by increasing recycling of construction materials and other clean waste streams such as cardboard, metal and more.
What waste is accepted?

Almost any type of dry waste can be placed in our skip bins.


Materials including soil, tyres, asbestos, chemicals, hot ashes and liquid should not be placed in skip bins.

A bin for every project

What sizes are SUEZ skip and hook lift bins available in?

SUEZ has a range of skip and hook lift bins sizes to suit your requirements, with smaller bins also available on request.

NOTE: the scale of all equipment pictured below is based on an average adult height of 1.8m
10 cubic metre hook lift bin
L 8.5m X H 1m
12 cubic metre hook lift bin
L 6.5m X H 1.15m
15 cubic metre hook lift bin
L 6.5m X H 1.35m
20 cubic metre hook lift bin
L 6.5m X H 1.75m
25 cubic metre hook lift bin
L 6.5m X H 2.15m
30 cubic metre hook lift bin
L 6.5m X H 2.5m
32 cubic metre hook lift bin
L 7.2m X H 2.65m

Don’t see the size you need?

We also have a range of small hook bins available in Sydney, available in 5, 10 and 15 cubic metre sizes with a maximum weight of 3 tonnes.
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