Our collection vehicles are the beating heart of our integrated waste collection solutions. With a fleet of more than 850 high quality collection vehicles across Australia, there’s a truck to suit every site and waste stream.
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Up to the task

A truck for every situation 

SUEZ’s extensive fleet offers a wide range of options to suit the needs of our customers.

Rear lift truck

Best suited to sites with limited access and space, the rear lift truck lifts manually collected bins and transports them to the rear of the truck to be automatically emptied and compacted. On-board safety features include a reversing camera, reversing lights and beepers, hydraulic lift valves and heated external mirrors.

Front lift truck

Cost-effective, flexible and user-friendly, the front lift system primarily services commercial and industrial businesses. Automated forks aligned by the driver lift the waste container over the truck where it is emptied and compacted. Most trucks have ‘pack-on-the-go hydraulics’ so the driver can compact loads while moving, offering improved route times.

Liquid tanker

SUEZ is equipped to service an array of liquid and hazardous waste needs, with solutions for metropolitan and regional areas and interstate transport. Our fleet includes vacuum tankers starting at 1500 litres, B-Doubles with capacity to transport 40,000 litres.

Pantech truck

Pantech trucks are used for the discreet transport of specialised waste streams such as medical/clinical, quarantine and animal waste and confidential materials for destruction. Most of our Pantech trucks are fitted with scales and a tailgate lifter and some also offer refrigerated transport.

Rear Lift PUP Truck

Mainly used for parks, public places and street rubbish collections, rear lift PUP automatically lifts bins manually taken to the rear of the truck to be emptied and compacted. On-board safety features include a reversing camera, reversing lights and beepers, hydraulic lift valves, rotating flashing beacons and heated external mirrors.

Side Lift Truck

Primarily used for municipal waste and recycling collections, our state-of-the-art side lift trucks offer efficient and reliable service to councils and their residents, with smart technologies for easy tracking, data collection and enhanced safety.

Medical solutions van

Our fleet of medical solution vans offers efficient and discreet collection of medical/clinical, quarantine and sanitary waste destined for specialised treatment processes such as sterilisation or incineration. All vans comply with EPA/DEC health, safety and environmental regulations and are a secure choice for businesses such as local surgeries, medical clinics and dental practices.

Roll-On/Roll-Off truck / Large Hook-Lift truck

RORO or Hook-Lift trucks collect uninhibited bulk waste containers, using hydraulic valves and lifting gear to pull them safely on board. The container is then covered to secure the contents ready for safe transport to the appropriate waste processing facility.

Kingvac truck

Our Kingvac trucks are suited to businesses generating large amounts of wet and dry waste requiring safe and compliant collection, transport and disposal, such as in the mining sector. They feature high flow wet and dry industrial vacuums and 10,000-litre capacity debris tanks with tri-stage dust filtration.

Small hook truck

Small hook trucks service our small hook compactor system, used for residential and commercial site clean-ups where access is not suited to front lift or rear lift trucks and bins. The trucks are specially designed to transport these smaller, open hook bins, which have capacity for around three tonnes of waste materials.
Safety first

The systems in place to keep everyone safe

At SUEZ, we don’t just say that safety is our top priority – we make sure it’s embedded in everything we do. We have a comprehensive Road Safety Management System to ensure every vehicle is maintained to the highest levels and is fitted with smart technologies to keep our customers, drivers and local residents safe.

Our vehicles are home to an array of on-board safety features, from smartbrakes to ensure vehicles can’t roll, to DriveCam for driver monitoring and education. Each truck is regularly serviced to manufacturer requirements and we deliver an after-hours breakdown service to get vehicles and equipment like compactors back up and running fast if something goes wrong.

Safe vehicles also need safe drivers. Every one of our drivers is licensed, trained and regularly assessed for compliance and performance against our safety policies and Chain of Responsibility requirements.
Access all areas

Working with the unique access situation for your site

Every customer has different access requirements and restrictions, dependent on the type of business and the location of your waste collection area. SUEZ’s diverse fleet means that no matter the access challenges, we’ve got a vehicle and solution to ensure proper clearance points and adequate space for entry, exit and manoeuvring of our collection trucks. We conduct a full assessment of your site and waste needs before selecting the best vehicles and bins for your business.