Construction and demolition services

SUEZ offers smart collection and disposal solutions for waste generated through all stages of construction, site and domestic clean-ups and demolition.
Waste streams

A diverse waste profile

Construction and demolition waste typically comprises mixed heavy loads containing a wide range of streams such as timber, concrete, bricks, tile, rubble, metal, plastics, plasterboard, cardboard and paper.

Convenient collections

A bin for every waste type

SUEZ has a wide variety of bins to suit every site and requirement, making collection and removal of your waste simple and safe.
Our comprehensive range of bins includes skip bins, hook lift bins and Roll-On/Roll-Off (RORO) bins, in a variety of sizes and types. Our skip bins range in size from three to nine cubic metres to meet diverse construction and demolition needs, and we work with you to review your unique situation and advise on the best possible solution.

Click here to learn more about our skip bins, or contact us to discover the bins and services available in your area.
Recycling and recovery

Harnessing the resources in C&D waste

Where possible, SUEZ processes a range of construction and demolition waste to recover valuable resources and give them a second life.
Through our innovative SUEZ-ResourceCo Alternative Fuels facility in South Australia, we have capacity to process up to 350,000 tonnes of raw material each year into up to 150,000 tonnes of Processed Engineered Fuel. This sustainable energy source is an ideal replacement for fossil fuels in industrial applications.

Bricks and concrete can also be recycled for reuse as an alternative to new quarried products.

We also offer complete solutions for the safe management of hazardous wastes such as asbestos, and for the decontamination of soils from site works.