Industrial services

Safe, efficient operations and guaranteed production continuity go hand in hand. SUEZ is an expert in delivering customised and affordable industrial solutions, from sustainable treatment of specialised and hazardous waste, to cleaning and maintenance services and emergency spill response.
Industrious solutions

Powering industry performance and safety, every day

We offer a full range of customised services tailored to the needs of your industry and business, with the proven experience, specialised equipment and highly trained technical personnel to get the job done right.

Vacuum loading

Our EPA/DEC compliant fleet integrates high powered industrial vacuum technology for the efficient collection and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Mostly common in mining and heavy industrial applications. Our fully licensed operators receive extensive training in the safe handling of liquid and solid waste.

High pressure water blasting

Using high pressure water pumps, we deliver fast, cost-effective and environmentally friendly results in applications such as concrete cutting, hydro-demolition and cold cutting. SUEZ is a specialist in the design and development of customised tooling for cleaning automation.

Shutdown services

Our shutdown pre-cleaning service is a key component of our suite of professional water blasting solutions. SUEZ uses regulated water pressure operated by experienced personnel to deliver a deep, high quality clean.

Girth and gear clean-up

Our girth and gear clean-up procedures utilise proper degreasing agents, girth gear guards, pre-start checks and the complete enclosure of specific clean-up areas. With the aim of maximising safety and minimising downtime.

Non-destructive digging

A form of vacuum excavation, non-destructive digging uses advanced technology to minimise the risk of damage to underground power and utility services such as electrical and fibre optic cables, telecommunications, gas, sewer and stormwater.

Tank cleaning

SUEZ’s industry-leading technology for ultra high pressure cleaning of both internal and external tank surfaces uses specialised pumps for rapid, safe and damage-free descaling in confined spaces. Our vacuum units remove all liquids, sludges and solids prior to cleaning.

Potable water delivery

Our potable water delivery trucks deliver critical supplies of fresh drinking water to remote mines and harsh environments with limited or no access to water.

Emergency spill response

SUEZ’s emergency spill response service offers our customers rapid response in the event of an emergency spill or potential site contamination. Our expert team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to facilitate minimal environmental and operational impact.