Medical and clinical services

The safe disposal of hazardous medical waste brings significant technical and environmental challenges. At SUEZ, we have the expertise, technology and infrastructure for complete management of the full spectrum of waste generated by the healthcare industry in accordance with state and federal regulations.
Total waste management

Optimising the management of resources across a wide range of waste streams

Whether for everyday waste or specialised waste streams, our integrated and innovative solutions enable the healthcare sector to minimise and safely dispose of waste and maximise recycling.

Everyday materials

Making the best use of resources is our core business. We’ve got the advanced facilities and know-how to deliver comprehensive waste management solutions for everyday waste streams including general waste, paper and cardboard, garden and food waste, co-mingled containers, e-waste, secure document destruction, fluorescent tubes and globes, batteries and mattresses, furniture and bedding.

Specialised waste streams

The healthcare sector is diverse and generates a unique and complex range of medical waste. From family medical practices through to major hospitals, SUEZ leads the industry in full service management of specialised waste, including clinical, cytotoxic, pharmaceutical and anatomical waste, operating room plastics and sterile wrap, surgical instruments and sharps, sanitary waste, x-rays, IV bags and PVC vinyl.
Waste collection

Smart and reliable collection solutions tailored to the needs of healthcare

Our specialised collection services for medical and clinical waste offer user-friendly, reliable and compliant solutions for our customers, enhancing safety and minimising the risk of infection and injury.

Bins and containers

Our collection systems and vehicles are fundamental to the delivery of safe, secure and responsible waste collection. We make it easy for our customers, with specialised Australian Standard approved colour-coded sharps and medical waste stream collection systems for all types of waste generated by the healthcare industry. All of our medical waste collection vehicles comply with EPA/DEC health safety and environmental regulations.

Sharps management

Proper handling and disposal of sharps is critical in preventing contamination and the spread of infection. It also guarantees the highest standards of safety for patients, visitors and staff. Our customers rely on us for disposable, single-use containers that mitigate handling risks and ensure every container is clean, unused and free of infection when it enters their workplace. We offer a wide range of container sizes and types to suit the unique needs of individual healthcare providers.

Licensed vehicles

SUEZ’s state-of-the-art medical waste collection fleet is fully compliant with EPA/DWER health, safety and environmental regulations, and fitted with real-time technology systems to ensure reliable, timely and trackable waste services. We ensure the safe and responsible collection of medical waste, minimising transport and treating all waste in its state of origin to minimise the risk of infection.
Our specialised facilities

Equipped for the reliable and responsible treatment of medical waste

Our references

They trust us

The biggest names in healthcare rely on SUEZ to meet their resource management challenges.


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