Streamlining your waste management under one supplier who can do it all saves your business time and money and offers unlimited opportunities for efficiency and innovation.
Your challenges

Simplifying your waste management

When you’re busy running a business, you don’t have time to juggle multiple suppliers for the various waste streams you generate. You need one provider that can handle the complete chain from collection to processing, and support you and your team to get the best from the solutions in place – a single contact, invoice and report.
Our solutions

A one-stop shop for your waste management

SUEZ is a holistic waste management partner, offering collection, recycling and recovery solutions for all waste types and extensive support for your business.

Full spectrum of waste streams management

SUEZ offers a solution for the collection, transport and processing every type of everyday and specialised waste generated by business and industry.

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Collection solutions

We evaluate your site to deliver the best collection equipment and services to help you save on disposal costs and improve environmental outcomes.

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Recycling and recovery solutions

We have more than 100 operations and facilities across Australia, with smart, innovative solutions that produce some of the nation’s highest recycling and recovery rates.

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Organic solutions

Our advanced organics processing facilities transform a variety of inputs into nutrient-rich compost products for beneficial reuse.

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Waste assessment and environmental audit services

We support continuous improvement and drive efficiency through ongoing evaluation of your waste services and environmental performance.

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Customer portal

SUEZ Connect™ is a convenient online portal to monitor your waste, manage your account, order new services and pay invoices – at any time and on any device.

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Education support

We train and support your people in developing sustainable waste management practices and understand the importance of safe handling and treatment.

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Tracking and reporting

Our comprehensive reporting tools deliver full macro and micro visibility across your business for enhanced efficiency, decision making, benchmarking and performance.


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Our expertise

Everything your business needs for optimal waste management performance

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