Continuous improvement programs

At SUEZ, we are committed to ensuring your business gets the best from the waste management solutions we create for you. Through continuous assessment and improvement, we help our customers to optimise their investment in resource recovery and boost their outcomes.
Constantly evolving

Optimising waste management for every type of business

When it comes to ensuring our services meet your needs, we never stand still. Our comprehensive improvement initiatives aim to streamline and improve services, reduce costs and enhance environmental outcomes.

Our improvement initiatives

We strive to make sure our customised waste solutions meet your needs from day one. Both your situation and our solutions constantly change and grow. Our continuous improvement programs are a key component of our service to businesses of all types and sizes, offering insights and improvements that can lead to better results.

Our improvement initiatives for all business segments include:

  • Waste assessments & audits
  • Development of customised programs, site by site
  • Education programs and support tools
  • Introduction of new recycling streams and contamination reduction for existing streams
  • Adding or reducing bin services to align with waste volumes
  • Recommendations on more sustainable packaging, and
  • Best practice waste management processes for increased diversion and reduced costs.

For major and national businesses, our powerful reporting tools and data analytics also guide the identification of new short and long-term optimisation opportunities.

Our optimisation processes

Gauging performance

Our measuring and reporting process

Nobody understands your business’ needs better than you do. At SUEZ, collaboration is the cornerstone of how we monitor the performance of your contract – we ask and we listen. For larger businesses with complex waste management profiles, your Account Management Plan is a roadmap for managing and enhancing performance against clearly defined objectives, milestones and indicators.

Our measurement and monitoring processes cover the full spectrum of performance and of our improvement projects across all our customers’ sites, with regular reporting to ensure transparency, accountability and deep insights.
Embedding best practice

Adding value and driving performance across all sites

Our continuous improvement programs are about making sure that your waste management is optimised at each and every site across your business. Best practice means better recycling behaviour and greater safety and compliance right across your operations. This in turn ensures you divert more waste from landfill, reduce costs and enhance your reputation as a sustainable and responsible business.

We promote best practice on your sites through effective strategies and tools that boost the effectiveness and efficiency of waste collection, reduce waste volumes and contamination, increase recycling and improve environmental outcomes.
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