Flexible solutions

Adapting to the changing waste management challenges of our customers means being flexible and forward-thinking. SUEZ takes a long-term view, constantly working with your business to ensure our solutions meet your needs now and into the future.
Changing with you

Flexible solutions that evolve with your business

With complete adaptability across the full spectrum of our services, we work with businesses to keep their waste management solutions working at their peak.

Flexibility in scheduling

SUEZ offers on-call, weekly, monthly and quarterly services, along with 24/7 emergency response. You can also book services online at any time via our website or the SUEZ Connect™ customer portal.

Flexibility in equipment

Our team are experts in finding the right solution for your site. We always have sufficient stock of all standard bin sizes, and regularly build custom bins and compactors and design flexible dock and bin room solutions to suit individual site requirements.

Flexibility in disposal

We own and operate the majority of the disposal facilities utilised, offering direct access to resource recovery solutions to maximise diversion from landfill. This certainty of access ensures continuity of services and enables us to constantly improve and innovate our solutions.

Flexibility in solutions

SUEZ adapts our services and systems to the changing needs of our customers. We develop bespoke solutions to enhance service levels and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their waste management through education and other support programs.