Organic solutions

SUEZ is one of the largest processors of urban-generated organics in Australia. We put our networks, expertise and technology to work to make the best possible use of food and organics wastes and transform it into valuable compost products.
Key figures

Up to 97%

of organics diverted from landfill


of organics recovered every year
Organic waste

What is organic waste?

A wide range of food and garden wastes are classified as organics and able to be converted into specialised composted products for use in horticulture, agriculture, viticulture, mining, civil works, commercial landscaping and sports turf management.
Organic material, also known as green waste, consists of grass clippings, leaves, flowers, weeds, prunings, twigs and small branches, and small timber off-cuts excluding treated timber, chipboard and MDF. Fruit and vegetable scraps, along with most other food waste except meat and bones, are also organics
On-site solutions

How do we collect organic waste?

SUEZ offers a wide range of options for the collection of organic waste, with solutions for every site type and requirement.

Organics bins

Our extensive range of bins provide an ideal collection point for all types of organic waste. Collection systems and bins are tailored to the unique needs of each customer and site, and bins are taken to dedicated facilities for advanced processing.


Learn more about our range of bins and related equipment.

Advanced technology liquid food digesters

Our liquid food digesters convert food waste into a pulp slurry before transferring it to a specially designed holding tank for removal and further processing. They are a cost-effective and sustainable solution for commercial kitchens to eliminate food waste, save money and reduce their environmental footprint.

Worm farm buckets

Organic kitchen waste is an ideal source of nutrient-rich fertiliser for plants and soils. We provide 5-litre organics buckets for our customers to keep in kitchens as collection vessels for worm farms or digesters, or to transfer to larger organics bins.
Our processing facilities

Advanced solutions for organic resource recovery

SUEZ leads the way in advanced technologies and processes that make the best possible use of organic waste.

Organic Resource Recovery Facilities (ORRFs)

SUEZ’s network of ORRFs enable us to harness the resources in green organic waste. We employ unique technologies to produce highly specialised blends and organic fertilisers such as soil improvers, organic top dressing, turf underlay, garden soil mixes, potting products, composts and mulches.


Find out more about our ORRFs.

Advanced resource recovery Technology (ARRT) facilities

ARRTs are specialised, technologically-advanced facilities that process mixed solid waste, clean garden organics, combined food and garden organics and industrial food wastes into compost for use in soil rehabilitation projects. The high nutrient value in these source-separated organics delivers a rich, Australian Standards-compliant compost product to boost plant and soil health and replace artificial fertilisers.


Find out more about our ARRTs.

Our product range

Transforming organics into quality end products

SUEZ produces a diverse range of composted products from food and garden organics, helping homes and businesses take their place in the circular economy.

Our extensive range includes soil improver, organic garden mix, premium garden mix, commercial mix, underlay and top dress products. These are used by local councils and industry, with broad applications across agriculture, building sites, plant nurseries, public spaces and large commercial landscaping projects.

SUEZ Lucas Heights Organics Facility - A new resource journey - SUEZ Australia & New Zealand

Credit: SUEZ Australia and New Zealand

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