Recycling and recovery solutions

SUEZ has more than 100 sites and facilities across Australia operating across all levels of the sustainable resource recovery value chain. We put smart and innovative waste management solutions to work, partnering with customers to enhance their environmental and financial performance.
A robust network

Advanced facilities for optimal resource recovery

Every waste stream requires unique and specific processing and treatment. SUEZ has a broad network of technologically-advanced facilities, enabling us to get the best possible outcomes from every type of waste.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for optimising resource recovery. At SUEZ, we believe that boosting waste recovery and reuse requires a network of complementary processing solutions. We have a vast network of facilities and processes for the treatment of diverse waste streams generated by business and industry to deliver smart, sustainable and cost-effective outcomes for our customers.

See how our sophisticated network of facilities work together to put your waste to good use.

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Solutions for everyday waste

Recovering more from common items

Every single item of waste you produce has potential for reuse. Our advanced technologies take your everyday items and harness the valuable resources within.

Waste can be recycled for reuse in the manufacturing of new products or converted into compost, while dry materials are a sustainable source of alternative fuels for industry. We can harness the biogas generated by waste to create renewable energy.

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Solutions for specialised waste

Meeting the specific resource management needs of industries

Our customers across industries such as manufacturing, healthcare and construction and demolition rely on SUEZ to take optimal care of their specialised waste.

SUEZ is a pioneer in developing sustainable technologies to safely dispose of a variety of hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams, finding new and innovative ways to recover more resources.

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Feeding the circular economy

What happens to your waste?

SUEZ is an industry leader in the recovery of resources from waste and in harnessing its value to create new resources.

Using advanced processes and facilities, SUEZ extracts valuable resources from all types of waste for reuse in a range of ways, including:

  • Commodities – we return resources to the manufacturing process for products such as newspapers and paper towels, aluminium, plastic and glass soft drink containers, steel cans and plastic laundry detergent bottles. We also find innovative ways to reuse recycled materials, from glass for use in asphalt on roads to plastic for carpeting and park benches.
  • Energy – we capture the methane-rich biogas generated from the breakdown of organic waste to create electricity and heat, and transform dry waste into Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF), a renewable energy substitute for coal and gas.
  • Composts and mulches – we turn garden waste into specialist products including soil improvers, organic top dressing, turf underlay, garden soil mixes, potting products, composts and mulches.

What happens to waste that can’t be recovered?

Unfortunately, not all materials can be completely recovered and recycled into new products or resources. We safely and securely dispose of this residual waste at our smart cells® – a sophisticated alternative to traditional landfill.

SUEZ smart cells® use innovative technologies and processes to capture the gases produced by landfilled waste, converting it into a renewable energy source for homes and businesses.

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