Waste assessments & audits

Understanding your waste profile and environmental performance is crucial in making sure you get the best results for your investment. With SUEZ ‘s waste and environmental audit services, you can be sure that the system in place is the most efficient and cost effective for your needs.
Detailed insights

Evaluating your waste solutions for continuous improvement

Understanding your waste and environmental performance is key to improving it. SUEZ offers waste assessment and environmental audit services to help our customers gain a clear picture of their current situation and identify ways to boost efficiency and outcomes.

Our team will visit your site to inspect your current waste practices and composition, identify opportunities for cost reduction and improved efficiency and performance, assess risks and hazards and uncover employee behaviours that influence recycling rates. The resulting insights can be used to adapt services, benchmark performance and set new objectives.
Taking action

Implementing and monitoring performance improvements

Once we’ve conducted an audit or assessment on your site, we provide insights and recommendations on solutions to adjust your waste system, enhance employee engagement, recover more resources and boost efficiencies and cost savings. We work with you to take action, implement improvements and continuously monitor performance.

Regular audit and assessment is an ideal way to ensure your services continue to deliver you the best possible long-term, sustainable outcomes.
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